Hi, my name's Anne.

I’m a graphic designer based in Breda, The Netherlands. My specialty and favourite sub-discipline is typography – designing anything that’s mostly text. From 2 or 3 letter monograms (initials made into a logo) to typesetting whole books. And many many things inbetween, such as logotypes, headline lettering, lineup posters and magazines. Sometimes even with a bit of copywriting mixed in. Simply put, I love playing with words. In any way, shape or form. 

Another passion of mine is food. Growing up in a bakery is what started it. Then my first job was strawberry picking. Freshest and best I’ve ever tasted! Next, cooking became a hobby. And more recently, while backpacking in Australia, I did what I call an 'Ice Cream Quest' – letting the best ice cream shops guide my travels. I enjoyed it so much even, that now, whenever I travel somewhere new, it’s part of my itinerary. 

So naturally, opportunities to combine the two – ‘food typography’ I call this – are always welcome! Think dinner invitations, food packaging and cookbooks. Plus many elements of restaurant branding. For example: paper and chalkboard menues (including a little bit of friendly psychology); text and pattern based murals; interior and exterior signs; window lettering; roadside A-frames and -boards with the daily specials; and… You get the idea!

Lekker Pûh!


Mindset, motto, philosophy ánd my typographic foodblog.
(It’s a fun Dutch phrase. The emoji explain it all.)

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